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Sunday, February 12, 1995     Page: 1C

MOOSIC — Jim Vorozilchak credits a tune-up at the Bear Creek Ski Shack with his astonishing performance Saturday at Montage.
Vorozilchak, 36, from Scranton, won a gold medal in his 35-39 age group and posted the fastest time of the day among 153 competitors during the third day of the Keystone State Games Winter Sports Festival alpine skiing competition at Montage.
The Keystone Games Winter Festival gives skiers and figure skaters the opportunity to experience Olympic-style competition.
A dual slalom event and a “first-timer’s” race scheduled for today will cap off four days of alpine ski racing at Montage, while U.S. States Figure Skating Association-sanctioned and Ice Skating Institute of America-endorsed ice skating competitions are scheduled Friday through Sunday, Feb. 17-19, at the Ice-A-Rama in Wilkes-Barre.
Vorozilchak, the assistant ski school director at Montage, blasted through the gates of the modified giant slalom Saturday on a 3,800-foot intermediate trail called Switch with a combined time of 60.59 after two runs. He was the only skier to break 61 seconds.
“It was excellent, the snow conditions were perfect. The race crew did an excellent job of setting up the course,” Vorozilchak said.
But he quickly added that it was the tune-up that really counted.
“The Bear Creek Ski Shack did a tune-up on my skis, and I think that made a big difference. I felt really comfortable on the skis. The wax and edges were perfect,” Vorozilchak said. “Everybody really liked the course because of the good, hard snow. The skis really carried the speed on the hard-packed surface.”
That tune-up must have given Vorozilchak an edge, because on Friday he won a silver medal in his age group in an elite giant slalom, but only finished fourth overall.
Jason Dongas, 20, also had an edge Saturday.
On Friday, the Wilkes-Barre skier won a bronze medal in his age group in the elite GS.
On Saturday, Dongas finished with a gold medal.
“It was the same thing as yesterday (Friday), only I won a gold,” Dongas said, laughing.
On Friday, Dongas drew the last bib number, as he was the final walk-on registrant. He was forced to ski after all the racers, which is not an enviable task as the course deteriorates after tremendous skier traffic.
Dongas kept that bib number Saturday, but came in first in his age group.
“I got a lot of pointers from my good friend Jason Mitchell and his father, Rich Mitchell,” Dongas said. “That helped. And after the first run I went in and had my edges sharpened.”
Dongas said those sharp edges translated into gold.
“The course was a little icy by the time I got to run, and I knew I had to be aggressive and bang into the gates, not just ski through them.
“On the second run, after the second headwall, I thought I’d take a spill. It was that icy. But those sharp edges held,” he said
Jason Mitchell, 20, did not finish Saturday, but beat Dongas’ time by more than 10 seconds for a silver medal in his age group Friday.
His father, Rich Mitchell, 44, from Bear Creek, took a silver medal Friday and a gold Saturday in his age group. His combined time of 61.79 Saturday was 3.27 seconds faster than the silver medalist in his age group.
The Jones family of Exeter continued its winning streak.
Lee Roy Jones and his wife, Marilyn, medaled in Thursday’s downhill and Friday’s GS.
They medaled again Saturday, as did their son, Brett, 9.
Brett Jones won a silver medal in the age 11-and-under B division, while Lee Roy and Marilyn Jones took gold medals in their respective 45-59 A divisions.
John Troy Owens, 15, from Nanticoke, also continued his medalist streak by winning the silver in the male 15-and-under A category. He won a gold medal Friday in the elite GS.
A separate modified GS was held for snowboarders.
Gold medalists included Tony Meeker, 30, from Exeter; Brian Halvorsen, 14, from Scranton; and Anngenette Norieka, 18, from Nanticoke. Dominick Lorenzetti, 13, from Peckville, won a silver medal.
Modified Giant Slalom
MALE 14 & UNDER A DIVISION– 1. Ryan Walsh, Wilkes-Barre 63.33; 2. Chris Nattress, Shavertown, 64.51; 3. Christopher Schneider, Trucksville, 73.82. MALE 11 & UNDER b DIVISION– 1. Ryan Pezdirc, Shillington, 79.66; 2. Brett Jones, Exeter, 81.71; 3. Brenden Bersey, Wilkes-Barre, 82.36. 9.Eric Roan, Kingston. MALE 12-14 B DIVISION– 1. Scott Newton, Wilkes-Barre, 75.00; 2. Jonathan Powley, 75.86; 3. Derek Shultz, Columbia, 76.55, 6. Steven Strosser; 7. Charlie Desiderio, Plymouth; 12. Gregory Ruppel, Mountaintop. FEMALE 14 & UNDER A DIVISION– 1. Jacquie Rorick, Scranton, 69.05; 2. Stacey Wagner, Shavertown, 79.10; 3. Megan McGilvrey, Harvey’s Lake, 81.80.
FEMALE 11 & UNDER B DIVISION– 1.Lauren Powley, 88.08; 2. Jenna Bishop, Center Valley, 93.72; 3. Leah Eyerman, Mountaintop, 97.50; 4. Michelle Hazelton, Nanticoke. FEMALE 12-14 B DIVISION– 1. Jennifer Bealer, 76.41; 2. Katie Bedwell, Wallinford, 80.31; 3. Susannah Obrien, Clarks Summit, 83.57; 4. Jennifer Mitchell, Wilkes-Barre; 5. Florence Bellucci, Mountaintop. MALE 15-19 A DIVISION– 1. Keith Kearney, Scranton, 62.09; John Troy Owens, Nanticoke, 63.77; 3. Douglas Iracki, Nanticoke, 65.41 5. Brian Florek, Wilkes-Barre. MALE 15-19 B DIVISION– 1. Jamie, Montoursville, 67.64; 2. Matt Trunnell, 77.41; 3. Jason, Acierno, Spring Grove, 80.64; 6.Robert Thomas; 7. Jeff Siegfried. FEMALE 15-19 A DIVISION– 1. Stacy Kearney, Scranton, 68.83; 2. Jennifer Kulicki, Mechanicsburg, 74.53; 3. Kerrie Gillmore, Luzerne, 75.92. FEMALE 15-19 B DIVISION– 1. Becky Bedwell, Wallingford, 76.35; 2. Dierde Woody, Glen Mills, 79.16. MALE 20-24 A DIVISION– 1. Jason Dongas, Wilkes–Barre, 76.49; 2. Matt Reale, Philadelphia, 77.22; 3. Richard Burns, Sugar Run, 92.12. MALE 20-24 B DIVISION– 1. Sheldon Poremba, Plymouth, 81.44. FEMALE 20-24 A DIVISION– 1. Angela Christman, Germansville, 67.89; 2. Danielle Tully, Throop, 69.54; MALE 25-29 A DIVISION– 1. David Austin, Allentown, 65.80. MALE 25-29 B DIVISION– 1. Joseph Sudo, Walnutport, 79.11; 2. Matt Daggett, Columbia, 80.71. FEMALE 25-29 A DIVISION– 1. Yvonne Eddowes, Bear Creek, 72.76; 2. Amy Dean, Bear Creek, 76.39. MALE 30-34 A DIVISION– 1. John Zanoline, North Catasauqua, 68.02; 2. Alfred Baver, Lake Harmony, 68.38; 3.Mark Bolt, Lancaster, 68.60; 4. Michael Melnick, Luzerne Co. MALE 30-34 B DIVISION– 1. Paul Shuebrook, Havertown, 72.88; 2. Dave Oswell, Scranton, 76.58. MALE 35-39 A DIVISION– 1. James Vorozilchak, Scranton, 60.59, Thomas Mitchell, Wilkes-Barre, 61.87; 3. Tony DiSalvo, Williamsport, 61.94. 4. Andy Florek, Wilkes Barre, 66.21. MALE 35-39 B DIVISION– 1. Steven Bolt, Berwyn, 68.68; 2. Gene Roan, Kingston, 74.65; 3. Peter Tarby, Wilkes-Barre, 75.23; 4. Robert Gubbiotti, Plains, 76.25. FEMALE 35-39 A DIVISION– 1.Roxanne Florek, Plains, 78.01; 2. Keri Dupree, Allentown, 82.23.
MALE 40-44 A DIVISION– 1. Rich Mitchell, Bear Creek, 61.79; 2. Joseph, Laurys Station, 65.06; 3. Al Bellucci, Mountaintop, 66.59. MALE 40-44 B DIVISION– 1. Grant Schultz, Columbia, 67.80; 2. Martin Wintermantel, Scrantonk, 73.40; 3. Bob Lynn, Forty Fort, 76.99; 5. Joseph Iracki, Sr.; 6. George Ruppel. FEMALE 40-44 A DIVISION– 1. Susan McMillen, Lancaster, 89.12. FEMALE 40-44 B DIVISION– 1. Patricia McClosky, Hawley, 81.30; 2. Linda Walthour, Bear Creek, 90.84. MALE 45-49 A DIVISION– 1. Lee Roy Jones, Exeter, 67.03; 2. Rick Knelly, Stillwater, 71.00; 3. Jay Pezdirc, Reading, 80.31; 4. Robert Nattress, Shavertown, 85.96. MALE 45-49 B DIVISION– 1.Richard Schepise, Bensalem, 75.56; Craig Smith, Clarks Summit, 80.70; 3. Dennis Bishop, Center Valley, 82.25; 6. Fred Bersey, 88.11. FEMALE 45-49 A DIVISION– 1. Marily6n Jones, Exeter, 76.76; 2. Marlene Errigo, Scranton, 82.26. FEMALE 45-49 B DIVISION– 1. Kim Jamison, Bethlehem, 90.53; 2. Penny Powley, Luzerne, 91.62; 3. Donna Woody, Genn Mills, 102.43. MALE 50-59 A DIVISION– 1. Jerry Prentiss, Wind Gap, 66.92; 2. Ronald Dean, Bear Creek, 67.95; 3. Gary Anszis, Springfield, 71.17; 6. John Murry, Dallas, 83.28. MALE 50-59 B DIVISION– 1. Barry West, Whitehall, 82.73; 2. James Wintermantel, 85.26. MALE 60 & OVER A DIVISION– 1. Fred Schneider, Northampton, 76.45; Robert Thomas, Wilkes-Barre, 85.24. MALE 60 & OVER B DIVISION– 1. Richard Matschat, Shickshinny, 99.12; 2. George Gatcheff, So. Williamsport, 123.68
Jim Miller hits the slopes
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