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Opening Date – 10.1.14

Bear Creek Ski Shack will open its doors for the 2014-2015 season on Wednesday, October 1, 2014. Stay tuned for updated hours and prices! read more

Winter Weather Brings Business Boom To Some

Watch the video here: LACKAWANNA COUNTY—It has been a record-breaking winter, with the snowiest February in 100 years and some of the coldest temperatures in a long time. But all that has meant some hot business for some. It has been an especially busy season for plow drivers, pushing away the snow and pulling in some money for their work. At hardware stores, like Ace in Old Forge, ice melt, shovels and other winter supplies have been flying off the shelves. “I believe just alone with salt, our sales are way up there. I’m not exactly sure how high, but I think they are up there,” said John Soy, the store manager. At ski slopes, it has been a banner season so far. At Blue Mountain Ski Area and resort near Palmerton, they are having one of their longest ski seasons in a long time. Usually they said it lasts about 100 days. This season they predict a 120 day season with a steady stream of skiiers and snowboarders. It is the same at Camelback Mountain resort in the Poconos. Open for 50 years, folks there said this is shaping up to be one of their better seasons. And at Montage Mountain in Lackawanna County, they said the revenue numbers could break records. It is the best season in at least 15 years with 105-thousand people hitting the slopes since December. Business has been booming at Bear Creek Ski Shack near Montage Mountain. “We love the snow. It’s our business so we look forward to the cold and the snow and the longer the season for us, the better,”... read more