A Little Love: Twins Jaquez & Marquez

A Little Love: Twins Jaquez & Marquez

This week’s A Little Love is all about doubling the fun. Our Dia Wallace took 12-year old twins, Jaquez and Marquez, to try their hand at snowboarding at Sno Mountain.

Sno Mountain and Bear Creek Ski Shack partnered to provide the twins outfits to snowboard.

After the rental department, time for ski school. We hit the slopes with ski instructor, Gary Sexton. First both feet get strapped into the board.

Now comes the hard part. “This is half the battle right here – standing up,” says Gary.

The next clue is always keep strong balance. Time for the next hill and the ski lift. “A lot of people get frustrated and give up but they did really good. I was surprised they were that determined, they listened well. It was exciting,” says Gary.

It was a fun sunny day on the slopes. The 12-year old twins worked up quite an appetite.

Sno Grill beckoned with a warm fire and food. Here we talked about their future and their hopes for a forever family.

The dare devils end the day with a smile, a new hobby and renewed hope for their future.

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